Introducing Alana Faye Dolan!

Alana is here, Alana is here! Teresa and Cody welcome Alana Faye Dolan at 5:57 PM on July 17!
Both Teresa and Alana are doing well. Hooray for being an Aunt!
Look at those long legs! Just like her daddy!
Proud Parents!

Alana and Fancy P.AT.

Alana in her first pashmina. Many more to come Alana, many more to come.

Bye Bye Bye!




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2 responses to “Introducing Alana Faye Dolan!

  1. Amanda

    Mags, how exciting for your family! She is so sweet. Congrats on becoming an aunt! You will always be her cool Aunt Mags.

  2. Beau, Melissa, & Brynne

    YIPEEEEE! She’s so precious! Congrats girl! I member your cool aunt sending us packages…guess cool aunts run in the fam…

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