Today is my first official Christmas party at my new office. Wahoo! There will be food & drink and, of course, a white elephant gift exchange.The first white elephant in a new office is always a challenge. Evaluating the office culture is very important!

Let’s say, for example, you bring hemorrhoid cream and everyone else brings pretty ornaments. Suddenly you are inappropriate! Shock fills the room! Let the gasps begin!

Of course there is the reverse…you purchase a sweet little Bath & Body Works something or other and everyone provides a gag gift. Then you are the stick in the mud with no sense of humor. You hear the faint whispers, “Does she know what “white elephant means?”

You want to shout from the roof tops, “EVERY office does this differently!” (Because the do after all)

As you can see, this has been a source of stress in my life. I finally reconciled myself to the fact that I was just going to bring some cheese “flavored” dip and call it good, when all of a sudden it came to me…CH-CH-CH-CHIA! Just like that! There I was on the treadmill, this morning no less, when it came to be like a flash of lightening (or brilliance) CH-CH-CH-CHIA! I zipped myself to the CVS hoping will all my might that Chia Pets were still on market. I turned down the housewares aisle and there it was, glorious Chia. CVS even had a selection! I bounded to the checkout with my Shrek head Chia Pet (okay, I bought 2 – I mean, it is a Shrek head Chia) knowing that I had in my hands the best white elephant gift in the office.

My work here is done. My reputation is safe. So in summary,when in doubt, chose Chia.


Bye! Bye! Bye!



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3 responses to “CH-CH-CH-CHIA

  1. Beau, Melissa, & Brynne

    SHould have known! Went to a white elephant fri night, brought a beautiful candle..left with a pooping reindeer…

  2. The Bargain Shopper Lady

    That is halarious! I need to visit your blog more often for a good mommy laugh. I love white elephant exchanges. I look around and store up the best gifts all year long.
    ~Lori (from Sky Ranch)
    aka The Bargain Shopper Lady

  3. Allison

    or, at my old office, everyone had a differnent idea of what white elephant meant and everyone was mad at each other…fun times!

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