California for real, ya’ll!

It happened this week…my California driver’s license arrived in the mail. So weird! I have always been a Texas driver, so this is quite a change. Can we discuss how in Cali they put your weight right there on your driver’s license. What is that about? No wonder people here are so skinny – there is pressure from the government. I am sure people think twice about buying chee-tos and ice cream at the grocery store.

Just imagine…you are in the checkout line with yummy snacky snacks and then it comes time to pay… you hand over your credit card and they ask…

“Can I see your license please?”
“Fine!”, you yell, “Put it all back and bring me some celery…with fat free ranch!”

The fun thing about my new license is that it has my new name! Margaret Dolan Dean! How fun is that! I must say that the name changing game is very anti-climatic. I went to the social security office, filled out my forms, waited in line and then my number was called. I bounded up to Window 6, where the attendant’s name was Ms. Slaughter (seriously) and proudly stated that I had gotten married and needed to change my name! “Forms?, she said. I handed them over, signed on a line and that was it! I told her that there should be some kind of fanfare. After 28 years I was getting a new name. She said, “What, like a bell or something?” EXACTLY! LIKE A BELL OR SOMETHING! Or maybe just some jugglers – but whatever.

That is quite a bit of ranting for a Wednesday!

Bye! Bye! Bye!



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2 responses to “California for real, ya’ll!

  1. Amanda

    Oh, I miss my Maggie! I feel like I just talked to you in person, but not. That is CRAZINESS about the weight being right there on your i.d. So do they weigh you, or do they take your word for it? Conrgats on your new name! My sis is getting a new name – Fitzpatrick. It’s very Irish – I thought you’d love it. Too cute, I think!

  2. Missy

    Maryland does the same thing!! I cringe every time I hand over my license…Will they believe that that is my weight? Do they think I lied? It’s a nervewracking experience!
    Just kidding…it isn’t so bad. You get over it pretty quickly, but those definitely were my initial thoughts!
    By the way…love the NYC pictures!Congrats on the new name!

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