Random Stories…

Harry Potter ain’t got nothin’ on this guy…
Tuesday I was in the home of a real live magician! No, seriously! I knew something was off about the house as soon as I walked in the front door. Perhaps it was a gut feeling or perhaps it was the brightly colored props and box of DVDs entitled, “Poof! You’re a Magician!”. And then there was the stack of posters on the table advertising for his magic act, but whatever, I am clearly a detective. Perhaps that should be my new job. Needless to say, we are not making an offer on the house of magic.

Laundry Fun…
On Wednesday I gathered up all our laundry and headed to the laundromat. This in one of the true joys of corporate housing.
It was there that I used my special skills to make water POUR rapidly out of a washer. Some other guy totally ratted me out to the attendant. It turns out a rogue sock was to blame. They had to use a special vacuum to suck up Lake Maggie. I truly am a special situation! Hooray for finding a house SOON!

Anywho, off to San Francisco for the weekend! Hopefully we are going to plenty of Rice-a-Roni- it is after all the San Francisco Treat.

Bye Bye Bye!



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3 responses to “Random Stories…

  1. Ashleigh Carroll

    Maggie!!! I have been wondering how in the world to find you! It’s actually crazy how I did…in the blogger world! You blogtastic girl, you. I read the Chandler’s blog and saw Amanda’s blog from there…and figured she might have a link to you! HOORAY! You are in California? I SO want to hear how you are doing. Catch me up when you get a chance. You know that Bill and Mindy are out there…http://www.cityscapechurch.org/. Oh, and here’s my blog: http://ashleighcarroll.wordpress.com/ Love you friend!

  2. The Granniss Family

    Woman! Didn’t you learn how to use a laundry mat washer at Sky Ranch?

  3. Beau, Melissa, & Brynne

    august 26th mags? it’s now mid oct….time to blog my friend! I miss you!

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