California Catch-Up

Here we are in sunny California. It is just like on the tv…palm trees, surfboards, overly tan people, crazy drivers… you get the picture.

We celebrated our arrival on Saturday afternoon with lunner at In-N-Out burger – a SoCal original. Hands down the best fast food burger in all the land. There is even a special code when ordering a burger. I gave away my newbie status novice when I said, “No mayo please”. The guy with the funny hat then said to me, “We don’t use mayo, we use the special sauce, do you want that”? NOTE TO ALL FUTURE VISITORS – the special sauce is 1000 Island. If you don’t want it you say “no sauce” you can also have “extra sauce”. You can thank me later.

On Sunday we checked into our temporary housing and unloaded Bullie. The elevator was, of course, broken, and we are, of course, on the 3rd floor. So up and down the stairs we went. Bullie was so glad to be free of all our stuff. Now she zips around Long Beach free of all the extra weight. In case you are not used to my special language, Bullie is my car.

After unloading we decided to go grocery shopping. After dutifully making a list, we were on our way. We both agreed that a quick stop at Traders Joes was necessary. Trader Joes is similar to Whole Foods except not nearly as expensive. The cheese selection at TJ is unruly. Wahoo brie! Anywho, we left Traders Joes with 2 bags full of goodness and were able to cross ZERO things off our grocery list. We finished, ahem started, our shopping at Ralph’s. Ralph’s is really Kroger – can’t fool me.

On Monday I dropped Drew off for his first day at his new job. His new office is very different from the downtown skyscraper of old. After leaving Drew at the terminal to play with all the trucks, tools, and gas , I spent some time fixing up our temporary house and waiting for Drew to get home. We celebrated Drew’s first day at work with one of our favorite meals…turkey tacos!

To sum up…palm trees, burgers (no sauce), stairs, Joes, work, tacos…yeah!

Bye Bye Bye!



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2 responses to “California Catch-Up

  1. Allison

    Ummm! Sounds much better than my 99cent bacon cheeseburger that I forgot to hold the mayo on today! Can’t wait to visit!

  2. Beau, Melissa, & Brynne

    So glad to hear you’re settling in. It was so great to catch up with you on the phone today! Have so much fun in Cali!

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