So all my friends have blogs and quite frankly I think it is neat-o. I have decided to become a blogger, bloggerific, blogified, blogtastic…well you understand. (Shocker that spell check does not like any of those words.) Since this is indeed my first blog, I should tell you that 2007 has been quite exciting. Drew and I were married at First Presbyterian Church of Houston on March 17 in an ode to St. Patrick’s Day. Fancy P.A.T. and Tom certainly know how to throw a party. It was the most fun I have ever had and I keep asking when we can do the whole thing again!

I moved all of my things and my beloved beagle, Annie, into Drew’s townhouse in Midtown. Drew is adjusting to the loss of closet space and, of course having a dog. Drew never had a dog growing up – please for my sake and that of his mother, never bring this up – so life with Annie has been quite an adventure. Drew and Annie, also known as “Weeble or Weebs or The Weebs”, are bonding and learning about each other. For instance, Drew is learning that Annie loves to stare at the window and annouce passers-by with a hearty “Roooooooooo” and Annie is learning that that behavior earns her some kitchen time. Drew puts on a tough face, but I can tell he hearts Annie even though she is a tad bit crazy.

Pictures from the wedding below! Enjoy!
Bye Bye Bye!



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4 responses to “Hooray!

  1. Freddie Boy


    I love you blog site. We can keep in touch from a far. Reminds me of the good ole college days when we would IM. On another note, Dwight says he has a friend who works for Toyota & can help him get the AC unit back to full steam & that your concern is not is. See ya, Freddie BOy

  2. Beau and Melissa

    What a beautiful bride! you were glowing!

  3. Michelle

    UM you both look amazing! So glad you are bloggin now! Miss you sister! Hopefully get to see you both sometime when I make it to H-Town!

  4. resmile7

    MAGGIE . . . i happened upon your blog through another blog and was sooo excited to see wedding pics! It has been way too long friend! I want to hear all about you and married life in Houston! I’m still in Ausin, enjoying life! Miss you friend!

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